How Can I Become Your Wholesaler?

Please fill the form on our wholesale enquiry page and we will reply you ASAP.


What Is Your Wholesale Pricing? 

Please fill the form on our wholesale enquiry page or email help@aroma-king.co.uk


What Is AROMA KING Disposable Vape?

Aroma King is a simple disposable vape device which has outstanding flavours and is easy to use.


What Is the Minimum Age to Purchase AROMA KING products?

You must be of legal smoking age in your state / country to purchase a AROMA KING disposable vape - (UK 18+ only)


How to Use AROMA KING?

Simply take a hit after opening the AROMA KING packaging.


How to Know When a AROMA KING Is Empty?

When you cannot puff out anything, it is empty. But the last draw will not taste burnt at all, as our AROMA KING is consistent from beginning to end.


What's Special About AROMA KING's Flavor?

AROMA KING would be exactly up your alley with just one draw. Among ALL disposable e-cigarette sticks on the market, AROMA KING has an unrivalled flavour. Every puff would give you a strong throat hit and a profound sense of satisfaction, just like your morning coffee.


Will AROMA KING Astound Me in Other Ways?

AROMA KING may provide you surprise clouds just like a vape gear does that you could never expect, in addition to a trendy style, unrivalled flavour, and exceptional battery performance. A mouthful of clouds would instantly satisfy your desires.